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Upcoming Events

Bitlocker Encryption 2023

August 14-28, 2023 - Engr-LWII
Phase 1 Test AUG 2023

Bitlocker Decryption 2023

September 1-7, 2023 - Engr. LWII
Phase 2 Test 2023

Bluetooth Tether Test 2023

August 5-10, 2023 , - Engr-LWII
Phase 3 Test Aug2023

Global GPS Tracking 2023

September 1-9, 2023 - Engr-LWII
Track globally lost or stolen devices

Backup Script Test October 2023

October 5-10, 2023 , - Engr-LWII
Phase 4 Test Aug2023

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All-Flash Storage- Accelerate your data center with our extensive flash portfolio.

ALL-FLASH STORAGE Accelerate your data center with our extensive flash portfolio.

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News Updates

Jun 17, 2022 - Teathering and GPS device tracking solution found testing to begin. Read more »

May 8-Jun5, 2023 - Introduce multiple error sequences device, device recovery noted and data recoverable  Read more »

May 04, 2023 - Tested Einstein Prototype on four different manufactures systems device adapted to each systemf. Read more »

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EMC2Data is organized into Technical Groups that specialize in addressing technology challenges. Each division offers a variety of advanced solutions, including both products and services, that assure customers achieve their mission goals on time and on budget. National and international facilities through multidisciplinary collaborations and networks in academia as well as industry.

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