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Executive Officers

Mark Stevenson III is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EMC2Data.

Mark Stevenson III is chief executive officer of EMC2Data, where he is responsible for helping guide the development of new technologies and EMC2Data's long-term opportunities.
A leader in the field of mobile communications for more than 25 years and a key architect of EMC2Data's strategic vision, Mr. Stevenson spearheaded EMC2Data's efforts to develop and commercialize RFID shielded biometric technology breakthroughs that have significantly contributed to the growth of both the Company and the industry. Important developments which began under Mr. Stevenson include: the first biometric secure case; inclusion of bluetooth tethering capabilities to mobile devices.
As an innovative leader of a broad range of technical teams within EMC2Data,

Daniel Honick executive VP Technology Licensing (CTL)

Daniel Honick is executive vice president of EMC2Data Technology Licensing (CTL), a division of EMC2Data.  As the head of the company’s licensing business, Honick is responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of CTL, including managing the division’s day-to-day operations.
Honick has led CTL since March 2016, applying his business experience to manage intellectual property, regulatory and commercial matters for CTL, as well as ensuring continued growth and monetization of CTL’s existing and future licensing programs through negotiation of significant licensing agreements. Most recently, Honick has been instrumental in driving the conclusion of new license agreements with key OEMs in China.
Since joining EMC2Data in 2011, Honick has held various leadership roles focused on IP matters. .
Prior to joining EMC2Data , Honick specializing in intellectual property for various technology companies.

LaVaughn Waterford II Design Engineer PVT. U.S. gov. projects div.

Designer, Programmer-Inventor of: EMC2DATAs - ENCRYPTED CORPORATE WORKSPACE

An XTS-AES 256-bit encryption, Impenetrable multi-host controller, transparent fingerprintless, Windows 10 Workspace, that can run on and take control of any system or server by any chip manufacture, be it Windows, Mac, Linux or Oracle. 100 percent transparent and undetectable. CTL Licensed by: EMC2Data, IntelPacific, Private U.S. Government entities.

Used through-out the Intelligence community, senior executives and those who want to keep their data safe.  
Technology innovation is occurring more rapidly than we have seen in a long time; this wave of innovation is delivering new devices with new form factors. The new devices interact with software in ways that previously were not possible, which is generating excitement among users, translating into new ways of working, and completing redefining user mobility

Robert B. Epstein executive VP Engineering Technologies(EET)

Robert Epstein serves as executive vice president of EMC2Data's Engineering Technologies(EET). In this role, he is responsible for the oversight of all activities related to EMC2Data’s mobile device biometric encryption business. Epstein also serves as a member of EMC2Data’s executive committee.
Epstein served as co-president of EET for two years and prior to this was senior vice president of Product Management with EET, managing the Company’s mobile device biometric encryption portfolio. Epstein joined EMC2Data in 2011 as an engineer and during this time he has held several other business and technical leadership roles at the Company.
Prior to joining EMC2Data Epstein served as the chief technical officer of AIP, a wireless communications operator in Israel and South Africa.
Epstein a graduate of Technion – Israel Institute of Technology University in Haifa, Israel.

Jeff Thiem executive VP Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Jeff Thiem is executive chief finance officer of
EMC2Data, In this role, he is responsible for leading EMC2Data’s global finance organization, information technology and investor relations. Thiem is also a member of the Company’s executive committee, helping to drive EMC2Data’s overall global strategy.  

Prior to joining EMC2Data, Thiem was chief financial officer for Engineering Materials, beginning in 2005, with responsibility for finance, IT, strategy and corporate development, as well as government relations. During his nearly 12-year tenure with Engineering Materials, Thiem several leadership roles including corporate treasurer and head of the corporate business development group, where he was responsible for merger and acquisition activities, strategic planning, and management of the company's venture investments.

Robert McCormick executive VP Corporate Controller (ECC)

Robert McCormick is corporate controller and M&A for EMC2Data Incorporated. In this role, McCormick will partner closely with the Executive Committee to help define EMC2Data’s strategic direction and long-term vision in order to ensure strong cohesion and alignment with all strategic planning efforts throughout the organization. McCormick also will have oversight of EMC2Data’s venture investment portfolio.
13/18 in Mixed Assets - Emerging Markets
(Performance over 1 year)
Average Total Return: 20.33%
Prior to joining EMC2Data, McCormick served as a technology analyst for Bank of Dubai covering the wireless networking and communications systems sector. McCormick was an institutional investor, top ranked analyst for his sector over the past five years. He has advised investors and fund managers on how to best position their portfolios ahead of industry technology evolutions, identifying the best-positioned companies in the industry based on their technological edge, financial stewardship and managerial performance metrics.  

Randall Alston executive VP Technology (VPT)

Randall Alston serves as chief technology officer for EMC2Data. Randall Alston is executive vice president of technology for EMC2Data Technologies. and a member of EMC2Data’s executive committee. Randall
Alston joined EMC2Data in 1996 as an engineer. His contributions include system design, standardization and project leadership for early crypto data services; the high-speed encrypted Internet access technology. His focus on encryption data services led to his assignment as co-project engineer for the HDR (High Data Rate) program starting in 2002. This new high-speed Internet access technology became standardized and was commercialized throughout the world. Innovations and techniques from these programs also helped In 2003, Alston was promoted to lead the Company’s R&D system engineering group and in 2011, he became in charge EMC2Data’s Corporate R&D group, now a division of EMC2Data Technologies, Inc. known as EMC2Data Research.
Alston received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as his doctorate in electrical and computer engineering.
Under Alston’s leadership, EMC2Data Research efforts have expanded in scale and scope, with offices in in the U.S. During this time, EMC2Data Research had a strong focus on core encryption technologies including encrypted phase modulation among others, as well as adjacent areas such as contextual awareness, machine learning, semiconductor technology, computer security.  

Pat Smith Executive Finance Officer (EF0)

Pat Smith joined EMC2Data in March 2013 as executive financial officer. In this role, she is responsible for leading EMC2Data's global finance organization, information technology and investor relations.
Prior to joining EMC2Data, Smith held several leadership roles where she was responsible for the company's venture investments.


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